Friday, December 27, 2013

Website Error this Past Week Corrected.

As luck would have it, our security certificate expired and due to the holiday it seems it has taken forever to correct. All is well now and the site is back to normal. Thank you for your calls and emails.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Website Changes

We are in the proess of implementing our new webiste with improved search features,a new shopping cart, and an improved layout to help you find what you need! There will be bugs to iron out so please be patient as we progress! Thank you!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pana-Vue Stand Alone Film and Slide Scanner In Stock!

We are pleased to have received our shipment of the Pana-Vue 5 MP APA123 Stand Alone 35mm Slide and Film Scanners. For a limited time we are including a free Transcend SD card for use with the scanner. Don't be tied to the computer, use this stand alone scanner to convert those those slides and negatives to digital files without using a PC. Order your Pana-Vue Stand Alone Slide and Film Scanner with Free SD card!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We now offer Bongo International Shipping Options

We are pleased to join with Bongo International to offer a shipping alternative to our international customers. Bongo provides a US shipping address for you and arranges direct shipments to your international address allowing you to combine purchases from the US into one shipment to you.
Visit Bongo International today.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Order List for Fuji Replacement Parts!

New! You now have one page to simplify ordering the most popular replacement parts for the Fuji Frontiers.

As the number of items ClimaxPhoto now offers for the Frontier has grown so large, we decided to condense the the most in demand parts to one single page to make ordering easier for you. Now you can save time as well as money on the items you need.

We still have our main Fuji Frontier Replacement Parts index for all of our replacement minilab items.

For 2012 we are planning a major update to the site with a new shopping cart and an all new look. But don't hesitate to visit ClimaxPhoto now!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hydra Algae Free ADE Systems for X-Ray and NDT

The Hydra ADE Auto Dosing System provides the ideal solution in preventing algae slime contamination in the rinse tanks of X-Ray, NDT and Film processors. Provides set it and forget simplicity for both users ans servicers of these processors.

Removes algae, slime and bio-film. Stops algae re-growth.

Easy to fit. Maintenance free. Last for years.
Stops expensive processor downtime.
Keeps wash tanks, pipes and overflows crystal clean 24/7.
Ensures finished work is clean and blemish free.
Compatible with all makes and types of processors.

Used in conjunction with Hydra Algae Free/AD

View the typical system diagram here
Complete system includes fittings, cradle and 4x5 litres Hydra Algae Free/AD.
How does the Hydra ADE24/TX in-line system work?

The system comprises of a compact dosing pump which is connected to the water supply feeding the processor wash tanks and the processors water solenoid.
As the solenoid opens to allow fresh water through into the tanks Hydra Algae Free/AD is automatically injected into the water at the source.
The treated water circulates throughout the tanks and pipe work keeping wash water clean and algae free 24/7.
The system only operates during water change and switches off when the processor is non operational this ensures that the Hydra ADE24/TX system is not only extremely efficient but highly cost effective. The complete system with a case of (4) 5 liter Algae Free (each lasts 6 to 16 weeks) is only $780.00

If you are struggling with algae slime issues in your x-ray, NDT or film processor, the Hydra Auto Dosing System is your solution. To order call 800-444-0977 or order from our website.
If your business services these systems, call us for quantity discounts at 800-444-0977.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photo and Card Scanner $69.95!

Special Offer on Brand Name Picture & Business Card SCANNER!!!

Now you can go through those shoeboxes of old pictures in the closet,scan them into your computer and print copies or send them to friends and family.

Found a picture of the kids at their 5th birthday party? Scan it and send it to the grandchildren to show them how their parents looked at 5. Old pictures fading?

Scan them and add a new vibrancy to a new print with the Arcsoft MediaImpression software(PC and MAC) included.

Make sure the whole family has their own copies of all the
family memories.

Put the old picture into the scanner and out it comes as
a digital image ready to email or print
And as an added feature, scan in that pile of business
cards you collected over the years. The Arcsoft BizCard
Scan OCR software for windows (included) reads the information
on the business cards allowing you to save to Outlook or Excel for
easy management.

List Price was $149.95 Limited Special Sale Price ONLY $69.95!